Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Day Until the Tour Begins-Link to Article in French Press Covering Liam's Ride With Lance

New Link to Article in the French Press This is a very favorable article about Lance's return to the Tour and the work he is doing in the battle against Cancer. Of course, it also gives a really great description of Liam's ride with Lance. (It is in French)

The Tour starts tomorrow in Monaco. We are getting in one last ride on the slopes of Mont Ventoux this morning before we head down to Nice. It is easier to stay in Nice and, from there, take the train into Monaco for the opening stage time trial. We are going to head in early with the bikes, and, if the course is closed to traffic and safe, we will try and ride a part or all of it. We are both really pumped for the race to begin!!!

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  1. It will be a big day for all and I am so glad that you have had an opportunity to participate in all of this TDF stuff. Gugi