Friday, September 25, 2009

Granfondo Training and Pablove Information

Liam has been back in school now for about three weeks. The study and work load is starting to step up a notch in the fourth grade. Between school, six days a week swim practice, a couple bike rides during the week and a long ride on Sundays; Liam is one booked 9 year old. Our next adventure will take us back up to Sonoma County, California for Levi Leipheimer's King Ridge Granfondo. On October 3rd we will ride the 65 mile Medio Fondo. Liam is hammering these days and really excited about riding on some of his favorite roads in California.

In the last couple of weeks we have also joined the twitter universe (@ fathersontour.) Liam and I have had fun following the cyclists and developments in the fight against cancer on the site. Twitter is an amazing tool for getting information out quickly.

One of the stories that we have been following with a lot of interest is the upcoming ride across America by Jeff Castelaz of the Pablove Foundation. Jeff's son Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz lost his battle with cancer on June 27th, 2009. He was six years and six days old. Pablo died at an age when he was just starting to loose his baby teeth. He is the same age as Liam's little brothers. He died the day before Liam and I rode over the Col de la Colombiere with Lance Armstrong in France, and exactly one month before Liam's ninth birthday.

Liam wants to live in a world where children don't die from cancer. It is not right. Cancer is a lot for a kid who is 9 to get his mind around. Unfortunately, it is a reality that many face. We wish Jeff the best with his upcoming ride, and hope that he is able to raise much needed funds through his foundation, which gives money to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. With the work of this Foundation and organizations like the Lance Armstrong Foundation, hopefully the day will come when children won't die from cancer.

Jeff we wish you the best for your cross-country adventure, and we look forward to seeing you come up the Pacific Coast Highway in November on your way home!!!

Livestrong, Train Safe, And Live Well!

Bill and Liam Flanagan