Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day at the Tour de France in Belgium - A Photo Essay

Liam and I hooked up with a local Belgian Cycle Club

We had a Safe ride into the finish in Spa before the Rain Started

Rode to the top of the Col du Rosier a second time in rain

Belgium is a great place to watch a bike race

Sylvain Chavanel on the way to the yellow Jersey

Tough conditions on the roads with several crashes

Lance and Chris look good but Lance got banged up on a fall

Jens' face says it all.

It looked like a war zone today- George is pretty bloody.

Tough day out on the roads in Belgium

Needed a M.A.S.H Unit at the finish Today


  1. Go Flanagans Go!. Did you ask for the real Blue moon beer whilst you were in the Belgium beer garden :0 ?. Looks to me like your all having a great time cruising Le Tour. You all look so healthy and well,keep it up!, seize the moment ! miss you guys alohas Pablo.

  2. Was a pleasure meeting you and your family in Stavelot. Enjoy the ride.

    Safe travels.