Monday, July 19, 2010

Cycling and Art - A brief intermission before heading to the finale in the Pyrennes

This Ride is dedicated to 5 year old Emily Boon

We have taken a little intermission from following the Tour de France to do some riding adventures in Switzerland. Switzerland, at this time of year, is a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. The weather is spectacular, the lakes and rivers are warm enough for swimming, and the roads and trails offer some awesome biking and running. There is a system of bike "highways" through out the country. These routes, that are mostly located on low traffic roads, are clearly marked by red bike route signs and are a great way to see the country. Liam and I study the map in the morning and by the early afternoon we are on a great adventure!

Most of the time we arrange to meet Tavi and the boys somewhere along the route for a picnic. Sometimes we choose a lake, sometimes a mountain pass, and sometimes an urban adventure. This year we have had a consistent theme of art and the artist to many of our adventures. In Rotterdam we met up with Gaby Zwaan and again saw the artist at work in the Alps. I think this inspired us to explore the world of art more. Our 40 mile round trip bike adventure to the Paul Klee museum was a perfect way to do just that. Liam and I headed out on the bikes and Tavi and the boys headed up in the car. We met at the museum just outside of Bern and had a picnic and then had a great adventure in the world of art. The kinder musem was fantastic - complete with atliler. I think Tavi and I had just as much fun drawing and being creative as the boys!

Being on hand for Gaby Zwaan's project was very inspirational - Multi dimensional living art Here Is Gaby's video of the moment.

It has been a great intermission to the Tour, but now we are ready to head back into France and down to the Pyrennes for the Finale of the bike race. We plan to ride the Tourmulet, and be there first hand to see this queen stage. We also plan to head up to Bourdeaux for the final time trial, and, of course, pre-ride the route. Then it is off to Paris to see the fireworks on the Champs. Stay tuned, there is still a lot more to come!

Life strong, Train Safe and Live Well!

Bill and Liam

Bonus Video - Ride with Kaspar - Check out the landslide!

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