Friday, January 21, 2011

Plans for 2011 – The Wish List

It is hard to believe that Liam and I are going on year three of our FatherSonTour adventure. When we first started our blog in 2009, it was a fun project that brought us closer together as a Father and son, and it was also a way that we could share our love of cycling and of fitness ( in general ) with a few friends and family members. Not much has changed since that first year with our motivation and passion, however, the adventure has really taken us in some wonderful directions. All along the path we have met many new friends. We have met people whose life passion is fighting to make this planet a healthier place. We have met professional cyclists whose total focus and preparation have propelled them to the top of their sport. We have also met other like-minded young athletes with whom Liam has been able to share his passion and love of sports. We have met talented artists, teachers, coaches, scientists, and healthcare providers. The experience has given us a wonderful respect and admiration for humanity.

Liam is rolling these days

The adventure has also taken us as a family in directions that in 2009 I never would have dreamed. Today we live in France, Liam and his two brothers ride for a French cycling team, we speak French, we eat snails, we enjoy really good French wine that is not too expensive, we eat lots of bread, weekly we explore areas in Provence that are totally new and always surprising. We are the only Americans in our town. People here seem to like Americans or at least they have been very nice to us. The Mediterranean Sea is 20 minutes away. Great skiing in the Alps is two hours in the opposite direction. We can jump on the TGV and be in Paris in 2 ½ hours for a weekend. We can really ride our bikes these days! I mean we can ride! Want to go for a 50 mile loop down to the coast over a few Mountain passes… No problem. Want to bike up the giant of Provence and then turn around and do it again…Have not done that yet, but I think we could handle that quite easily also. The point is that we are having a lot of fun and we plan to continue this momentum on into the 2011 season!

Snails anyone?

Wish List for 2011---

1) Liam wants to place in the top 10 at the European Junior Cycling Tour in Assen, Netherlands in August.

2) I want to finish all three ASO big Cyclosportive events in France this Spring and Summer. Paris-Roubaix Challenge in April, Two Etapes Du Tour both in July.

3) Liam wants to do his first triathlon in May.

4) We are planning a weekend trip to Girona to ride and hang out in Spain. We have all heard about the legendary training routes in Girona. We will check them out first hand.

5) Ride from Lake Como (Italy) up to the La Madonna de Gishalo and check out the cycling museum. This will be in the Spring perhaps in combination with taking in a stage or two of the Giro.

6) Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, the Dauphine, Giro di Italia and Tour de France are on the horizon. Looking forward to seeing some great racing.

7) The boys are all excited about the French youth racing season that starts the end of January with the Grand Prix of Marseille.

8) Climb the Giant of Provence (Mont Ventoux) from all three directions in one day.

9) Head back to the States to finish the Season with Levi’s Gran Fondo and the Livestrong Challenge in Austin. We might even be able to make it to the Big Island of Hawaii to check out the 2011 Ironman.

10) Through all our adventures we hope to raise much needed funds to fight cancer through Livestrong.

Stay tuned 2011 promises to be a very exciting year we hope to see you out on the road!

Livestrong, Trian Safe, and Live Well!!!

Bill and Liam


  1. great post, hope you are able to all you list and that I get to do a ride or 2 with you. bf

  2. What a great adventure--and a beautiful gift to your kids (okay, and to yourself as well!). We look forward to seeing you back in the States to hear your stories first hand.