Monday, July 13, 2015

Lost in Provence

Provence is a region in Southern France that subtly draws you in.  The region is perhaps best know for its hilltop villages, lavender and Sunflower fields, clear blue skies, and constantly changing exuberant light.  It has a varied landscape that is at the same time – simple and multi-faceted.  Against this vivid backdrop, the people who call Provence home form a rich cultural tapestry that never ceases to amaze, inspire and delight.   

Drawing on this inspiration, fellow Expat Ken Wallace and I have embarked on a new video series project called “Lost in Provence.” We like to grab a camera, turn off the GPS, and wander down the back roads of this wonderful place we now call home. We call it getting “lost”, but it is actually the first step in discovery.  It is a project of telling stories – stories of the most interesting people and places you have probably never heard of.

Ken capturing the gardens of a 1000 year old Abbey for an up coming Lost episode
If you have a little time, pull up a chair and check out the site.  It’s our answer to a fast paced chaotic world. Slow down, unplug, and don’t be afraid to turn down a side street every once in awhile.  You never know what amazing people and places you’ll find just around the corner!

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