Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Winter Riding -- California Dreamin'

If you live in Southern California it is easy to forget that most of the country is restricted to cycling indoors for most of the winter. In Newport Beach we can ride all winter long. On rare occasions we have rain and temperatures in the 50's and boy do we whine. Let's face it, we are spoiled!

Liam and I put in some good rides this winter (one from November is captured in the "California Dreamin'" Video above), but we also had a lot of down time. Down time is good. This slow time allows you to put a little space between the notes of life. Without pauses, life begins to resemble jumbled static. It is the space between the notes that turns that static into groovy music. Well, we have had our winter break and now the music is starting to play loud and clear once again. It is April -- April already! It is time to shift into high gear.

We are blasting off into the 2010 season with our next blog posts, but before we do here is a quick photo tour of some of our memorable rides of the winter "off" season.

Pablove Across America Pasadena Ride

Ryan Wallace and his dad Ken joined us for a fun 20 miles in Newport Beach

Three Generations of Flanagans out on the Road for Winter break

Aidan Flanagan (7) is starting to join us out on the Road!

I have a feeling the Flanagan brothers are going to be quite a force out on the roads in 10 to 12 years! Tour de France 2022???

Live Strong, Live well, and Train Safe!

Bill and Liam

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